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Parkour Generations

Resilience in Motion

Published February 19th 2019

Author and founder Dan Edwardes was recently asked by Planet Mindful magazine and to write a piece around how parkour and natural movement can help young people develop and maintain resilience in their life.

Resilience is one of the key virtues and aspects within parkour practice, bringing longevity, fortitude and inner strength – something we all need, whether old or young. It’s something we focus on hugely in our youth programmes, as we consider it one of the most powerful enabling factors in anyone’s life. publishes Young & Mindful, a new mental health and lifestyle magazine for young people.

The article, which you can read right here on our website, was published in the February Young and Mindful edition of the magazine, now available to pick up at stores around the UK, including at Sainsburys, Marks & Spencers, WHSmith, Aldi and more. Grab your copy now!