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Find a class by selecting your nearest branch below


Our UK Headquarters is based in the heart of London, with classes offered throughout the city.


Our USA operation is based out of Boston with branches across multiple states.

South Korea

Seoul is the HQ for PKGen Asia, providing parkour services across the region.


Join classes running across Brasil, from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia and Belo Horizonte.


If you’re passionate about your training, your health and your movement then there is no better way to progress than with expert guidance and personal coaching. Our Online Training enables you to work with our team no matter where you are in the world.
Online programming available for: GPP – General Physical Preparation, Parkour, Calisthenics, Strength & Conditioning, Sprint, Natural Movement, Mobility & Flexibility, Hand-Balancing.


Come and celebrate your movement with the community.


Rendezvous International Parkour Gathering

The Rendezvous Gatherings are the world’s oldest parkour events, happening in four regions every year: UK, USA, South America and Asia.




The annual parkour gathering for women is held in London every May.




The ultimate test of real-world fitness and capability.




Dive into a new year with our January outdoor workshop event in London.


Master Your Movement


Bring us in to run a bespoke parkour and movement workshop wherever you are in the world.


Bespoke Parkour Training


Let us create a package to suit your team. Whether it's 1-2-1 private session, group training, seminars or a weekend workshop of activities, we're ready to create a fantastic movement experience that will have you thinking and moving with more creativity than you ever imagined possible.


Training Your Team


We provide truly innovative team-building events that combine problem-solving and lateral thinking with physicality and creativity. We also offer unforgettable and bespoke corporate entertainment events such as live displays, corporate event opening shows and much more.


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For the past 6 weeks I have been attending a beginner's course with Parkour Generations. I can not describe how different I feel having completed it. There has been a trickle effect into all my other training, I feel more motivated, focused and ready to take on any challenges presented to me. I want to say a huge thank you to all the instructors and students for being such an inspirational group to train with.

Jacob Nwogu, Practitioner London

The classes offered at PKGen London are excellent. I generally keep fit with gym and running etc. but after taking a class I am sore for days showing how intense and deep the workout is. Not only do you learn practical skills of balance and physical confidence through staged, increased difficulty but it is a great complement to other physical exercise building core strength and stamina. The teachers are all very competent and helpful; pushing you hard while finding exercises within your ability.

Petter Larsson, Practitioner London

Best indoor place in London. Always changing and innovating. Filled with the best parkour practitioners and coaches you can find out there.

Marcello Palozzo, Practitioner Italy

I've trained with Parkour Generations at the Chainstore for just over a year now and have been impressed by everything on offer. The coaches have a forward thinking approach ensuring progress for everyone attending, I've particularly enjoyed the S&C classes. There's also a great community feel to training there - no complaints!

Ted Hosty London

100% Recommended!!! It’s been a long time since I’ve entered an exercise facility and have been SO impressed with. The first thing to hit me was the welcoming nature of everyone and the complete lack of ego. It creates an environment where you feel free to share, express, be creative, learn and try. Which leads me to the next point. Competent staff and coaches. Passionate and well trained in their own abilities and to bring out the best in others. And with the range of activities, classes and workshops here, there is something for everyone... almost literally everyone, no matter age or ability.

Richard Lewis, Physiotherapist Injury Therapy Pro

Being used to the Parkours / Freerunning facilities in the Netherlands I was amazed how this institute was set up. Very professional coaching here and we felt welcome right away. Thanks for having us guys and all the luck in the future!

Ronald Boot, Practitioner The Netherlands

Everyone at The Chainstore was super friendly and helpful right from the moment we arrived. The workshop was really challenging in a positive way, whilst being totally in tune with all of the group’s individual abilities. We left feeling tired, but buzzing from a great experience. People from the group are already talking about coming back for more.

Fred & The Arch Climbing Wall Instructors

My main aim in parkour is to build my upper body strength, to be able to perform at my peak. It’s incredible how many muscles you use, that you didn’t even realise you had when training parkour. I used to think that my upper body strength was fairly good, but it’s really put into perspective when you’re trying to climb a rope, traverse a ledge or even pull yourself up and over a wall after landing a cat leap. I would definitely recommend these sessions to anybody who is serious about moving forward with their training journey.

Aaron Sampson Martial Arts Practitioner

The Parkour & Movement Camp by Parkour Generations is such an amazing way to get inspired and improve your overall ability as well as getting some vacationing done. Great coaches, great team spirit and amazing environment feels so more rewarding when it’s well earned and you pay it with your sweat.

Viktor Andersson, Practitioner Sweden