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The London Chainstore Massacre

The London Chainstore Massacre

This is the throwdown of all throwdowns… The London Chainstore Massacre every Halloween.

Healthy movement requires a strong body and a strong mind. Come and test both like never before and throw yourself headlong into the now-legendary annual event that is the London Chainstore Massacre! A full day of intensive physical and mental challenges devised by our expert movement and strength coaches, held at the monster factory that is

The Massacre is a one-day trial by fire. It’s a survival event: you begin the day with three lives, and any challenge failed loses you one life. When all three lives are gone you’re out. Survive all the challenges and you claim the coveted rank of Massacre Survivor, which very few ever achieve.

The Massacre is open to everyone to take part, and your three lives will at the very least keep you in the hunt until the Boss Rounds begin! It’s a rip-roaring, mind-bending, body-testing ride of a day that you’ll never forget. A-Game required. Bring heart.

Premium, Weekend and Single day tickets available

Access to coaches from the international parkour community, all in one place.

Meet and train with a huge array of traceurs from around the world

Learn to challenge yourself in a unique and exciting weekend of activity and play!

Exclusive giveaways from our official training-wear sponsor - Skochypstiks

Evening social gatherings to meet, mingle and make friends.

No quarter is asked or given. The challenges could be anything, from strength to agility to endurance to power to a combination of everything. We don’t apologise for the unreasonable nature of the event. But those who survive know they’ve achieved something very special. Those left at the end of the day will receive an exclusive Survivor souvenir, not available anywhere else and not available to buy, and can bask in the warm glow of their trial by fire receding behind them. Until next year, that is…

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