Women’s Self Protection Seminar: London 08.02.20

Women’s Self Protection Seminar: London 08.02.20

Join us for a women-only self protection workshop at our London headquarters, teaching you the skills to read your environment and respond appropriately against threats of violence.

In a day and age where threats of aggression and violence areĀ  sadly still all-too commonplace, itā€™s relevant to know how best to handle yourself in such situations. But you donā€™t need years of martial arts training to defend yourself in a real-world self-defence situation.

Arete Self ProtectionĀ provides you with practical and effective self-defence training, so that you can shield yourself and your loved ones from threats of aggression and violence.

This 4 hour seminar will teach you all the fundamentals you need, to protect yourself at work, at home and while moving through transitional places. You will learn:

  • Target hardening and how to avoid interpersonal violence
  • Attacker profiling & the psychology of violence
  • How to establish and maintain safe physical and social boundaries
  • De-escalation skills
  • Pre-emptive strikes that will allow you to stun your assailant and get away quickly and safely
  • Learn to defend against the common attacks women face
  • Escape from compromised positions such as grabs or being pinned to a wall / the ground
  • The legal and ethical considerations

This is your opportunity to apply full force techniques against padded ā€˜assailantsā€™, allowing you to pressure test what you have learned in challenging but safely managed scenario work. Donā€™t worry, this is an essential part of the training, and a piece of the puzzle so often overlooked in traditional martial arts and self defence classes!

Join the seminar at PKGen London on 8th February 2020. Book now via the button below.