Women’s Parkour Jam: London

Women’s Parkour Jam: London


10th November 2019 | 12PM | London, UK – Canada Water

We’re back with another SheCanTrace Women’s jam this month. Open to all levels, from total beginner to experienced traceuse!

We are inviting all women who practice parkour or would like to give it a go to come together on Sunday 10th November meeting at 12PM at Canada Water tube station to practice, share and learn parkour together!

We will have 1 lead coach, Naomi Honey, and 2 assistant coaches, Posy and Georgia, and a wonderful team of SheCanTrace ambassadors, Alex, Aleks, Eliza and Barbora on site to help.

The aim of the jam is to 1) bring all female practitioners together and 2) support new people who would like to give it a go through the guidance of our coaches and other more experienced practitioners.

The coaches will introduce everyone and lead a thorough warm up to get people energised and jumping. Then it’s up to you to have as much or as little support as you want.

If you have never tried before, come join us and learn to jump, vault, wall run, balance and get fit in a playful, creative way. We are all here to help if you are new to it or want some ideas to get started. That’s how we all learned in the first place!

We’d LOVE to see new & old faces all in one place.

The event is open to all ages. Dogs welcome too!

Meet at the Library Square right outside Canada Water tube station at 12PM. If you arrive late direct message one of the Co-Host contact details below or message this group directly and we’ll try to send you our location. The way we train, we often move around every 30min or so to use different walls, railings, spaces around us.

Come wearing comfy clothing that you can move freely in, jump around in and and feel comfortable in. Bring a warm hoodie and raincoat. Bring water and snacks. And finally, bring bags of energy and come enjoy a few hours training in the fresh air!

Please help us spread the word by sharing this event with your Facebook friends. You never know who might be interested!

If you have any questions, drop us a direct message. We can’t wait to see you!

To many more SCT jams to come!

The SCT team



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