Women’s Parkour Course: March 25 – April 29

Women’s Parkour Course: March 25 – April 29

Have you ever wanted to try parkour, but weren’t quite sure where to start? Starting 25th March 2017, SheCanTRACE will be running a Women’s Introduction to Parkour course at the Chainstore Gym.

Sessions will be on Saturday evenings from 6pm to 8pm, and this six-week intensive course will run until 29th April, concluding just in time for you to strut your stuff at the Women’s International Parkour Weekend 2017.

Focusing on the foundations of freerunning, this course is aimed at women new to parkour and will develop your agility, strength, mobility, coordination, fitness and confidence. It is completely suitable for all levels of fitness, and will include both indoor and outdoor training. Don’t worry if you’ve never been into sports. We’ll be starting right at the beginning, and as well as improving your fitness level, we’ll help develop a sense of adventure, show you brand new ways to engage with your environment and teach you new ways to have fun

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