Wellness 101 Workshop London 18.01.20

Wellness 101 Workshop London 18.01.20

Passionate about your training? Then you need to get serious about your recovery, rest and general physical and mental health too. Failing to optimise these areas can slow your progress, increase chances of injury and wear you down over time.

The Wellness 101 Workshop is packed with vital information in key areas from three of our in-house experts. You’ll get a truly comprehensive offering, spanning everything from mobility for injury prevention, lymphatic drainage, nutrient timing, the gut microbiome, sleep hacks for a busy life and supplementation that supports health vs. performance.

At the end of the workshop we’ll also have a Q&A where you can cover some of the finer points of the workshop in relation to your training goals.

Join us this January for a wellness overhaul!


Saturday 18th January
Parkour Generations London
64 Orchard Place
Trinity Buoy Wharf
London E14 0JY



Beginner Oval