Vauxhall Walls – end of an era

Vauxhall Walls – end of an era

Anyone who has trained regularly in London over the past few years knows Vauxhall walls.

It was always a bit of a mystery exactly why this area was laid out like a concrete maze, but whatever the reasons behind it, the odd angles, the varying wall heights and widths and the sheer scale of the space made it perfect for parkour training. Whether you’d never made it over a wall before or you wanted to work on your max precision, you could find something at Vauxhall walls.

We’ve had countless classes and jams in this spot, and were there just a few weeks ago for RDV X. We all have fond memories of jumps broken here, and who hasn’t come home with a bleeding hand from the rough-textured (and therefore handy for wall runs) walls around the border? We trained there in sunshine, in pouring rain and in ice and snow.

Sadly, though, those days are now over. The maze is now a construction site, with the walls being cut down and leveled. A community green space will be built in its place, which we hope will be enjoyed, but we’ll miss that spot.

But parkour is about adaptability. We have to work with an ever-changing environment. Nothing stays the same. That jump you keep putting off breaking because it will be there tomorrow? It might not be. That training spot you keep meaning to get to but never quite get around to it? It might not wait for you. Never take a spot for granted, and always be ready to move on.

Goodbye, Vauxhall walls. Thanks for the lessons and thanks for the memories.