Parkour Generations

The PKGen Method of Training

The PKGen Method is a proven system of training and teaching designed to develop physical and psychological strength, resilience and competence within anyone who commits to it.

The method arose out of the original training concepts of parkour and were refined with the addition of sports science, athletics and behavioural psychology as well as the inclusion of older methods of training from a wide array of disciplines ranging from martial arts to meditation to military fitness practices.

Our way of training has always been intended to create well-rounded, adaptable, resilient and functionally capable individuals who have strong minds, durable bodies and humble but bold spirits. This was the original essence of parkour, and we favour this over the achievement of any specific stunt or specialised skill.

Training should not be motivated by a desire for acclaim on social media, or video views, or fame through competition. Those things almost inevitably lead one away from the real and lasting benefits of this way of training, which are as much psychological and philosophical as they are physical.

Core Pillars of the PKGen Method

  1. Practical movement competence – the basis of our training is to improve our practical movement skill, so that we can adapt to any challenge that life may throw at us.
  2. Physical intensity – at times, training will be tough. Strength, fitness, mobility, endurance and power are at the base of all movement skills. There are no shortcuts, only regular and frequent training will bring benefits.
  3. Psychological engagement – we get the most benefit from being fully psychologically engaged with every moment of the practice. This also makes it more enjoyable, rewarding and fun.

This approach is the result of more than 20 years of training, research and study into effective human movement, and we continue to iterate and improve while holding true to the original principles and unique strengths of the discipline of parkour.