Test Your Fitness at the London Chainstore Massacre

Test Your Fitness at the London Chainstore Massacre

Does your training really work? Can you adapt to any challenge and overcome to survive even the most challenging and varied of tests? There’s only one way to find out… the London Chainstore Massacre!

The Massacre is the year’s ultimate test of functional fitness, strength and movement capacity. It’s a single day event held at London’s famed Chainstore Gym, and pits you and your training against a non-stop avalanche of challenges and tests of body and mind so nefarious, so gruelling, so unreasonable that fewer than 10% of participants survive to the end to claim the coveted Survivor prize.

The rules are simple: You get three lives at the start of the day. Fail a challenge set by any of our dastardly coaching team and you lose a life. Lose all three lives and you’re out, and you get to watch the suffering of those who must carry on without you…

Feeling brave? The Massacre happens on Saturday 28th October, Halloween weekend, and is available to book right now.

The good news? We throw an awesome Halloween Party that night at the gym for anyone who attends the Massacre, whether they survived or not! So you get to recount your tales of glory all night long…

So… Prepare for Glory! The Massacre approaches!