We are Team GB – join us!

We are Team GB – join us!

This Saturday, the nation is joining together withย our returning Olympic athletes for the UK’s biggest ever sports day. For one day, we are ALL Team GB.

As well as an ITV blackout encouraging TV watchers to go outside, thousands of free events will be taking place all over the country – and one of them will be the Youth Parkour Games from 9:00am to 10:00am at Chainstore.ย Come and learn to jump, land, balance and roll with us!

This event is open to anyone aged 7 to 15. Regulars are absolutely welcome, but you don’t need to have tried parkour before, or to have a certain fitness level or any training experience whatsoever. We are always open to everyone from any fitness background, andย this Saturday is a special day where everyone across the UK is encouraged to be physically active and join in with any sport they can. Thisย may be the Youth Parkour Games, but we can promise that it’s not about winning.

Our regular youth parkour class is on as normal at 10:00, just after the Games finish. Come along for some extra fun before the usual Saturday training!

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