Strength and power double feature this weekend at the Chainstore!

Strength and power double feature this weekend at the Chainstore!

There are still a couple of spaces left on the upcoming one-day intensive version of the hugelyย popular Power 101 course, taught by ADAPT level 2 coach and national weightlifting championย Kristian McPhee on Saturday 23rd May. This is a unique opportunity to learn from a coach who is anย expert in both parkour and strength training.

Parkour is an incredibly demanding discipline, putting a great deal of stress on the body while requiring serious power and strength levels to perform safely, consistently and well. If you want big jumps AND a functional pair of knees, correct conditioning is essential.

This course is ideal for both coaches looking to get results for their clients, and parkour practitioners who wish to improve their power, strength, and biomechanics with measurable results, while training safely and preventing future injuries.

Areas covered include:

โ€“ The methodology of strength and conditioning for Parkour

โ€“ Physical assessments which can be used to gauge a practitionerโ€™s weaknesses.

โ€“ Landing absorption Strength

โ€“ Jumping Power

โ€“ Anti-Injury โ€˜Prehabilitationโ€™ with a focus upon knees and shoulders

โ€“ Periodised training programs for Parkour

Spaces are highly limited. Bring writing materials, and expect knowledge bombs.

Click here to sign up for gains.

Sunday 24th May marks the launch of Beaches and Barbells, a brand new company that combines training and tourism into holidays that are perfect for anyone wanting to combine gains with beach time. The Bulgarian two-time World Junior Silver Medallist and European Senior Bronze Medallist Mehmed Fikretov will join two other champions for snatch, clean and jerk workshops with individual analysis, as well as a Q&A.

There are only 25 spots available, and all levels are welcome.

Find out more and sign up by clicking here.

Beaches and Barbells specialises in Olympic Weightlifting, Functional training, Strength and Conditioning, athletics for men and women who love to train. They will be hosting events this summer inLimassol, Cyprus. Enjoy summer, train with great coaches, and get โ€œjacked and tanned in a weekโ€!