Street Survival Seminar – London

Street Survival Seminar – London

We’re excited to be able to host the new Street Survival Seminar with combatives expert Andy Fisher on Saturday 24th February at our London base of operations, the Chainstore Gym.Ā 

We believe in varying your training and acquiring a wide range of practical skills, and self protection is a fundamental concept no matter who you are or where you live. This seminar is packed with information on everything from increasing your personal and situational awareness to dealing with physical encounters to managing the psychology of violence and the aftermath of such incidents.

Andy Fisher is an elite combatives expert with a background in close protection and security, and teaches all aspects of self protection in a positive, rational and effective manner. No tricks, no bullshit, just scientific, tried and tested methods.

The seminar runs from 12-6pm on Saturday 24th Feb, and Early Bird pricing of just Ā£60 lasts until 1st February. Don’t miss it.