Rendezvous Parkour Gathering


Join the world's longest running parkour gathering

With four annual events across the globe, join us for your regional RDV now!



The Rendezvous International Parkour Gatherings happen every year in the UK, USA, South America and Asia. Each event is hosted by a national Parkour Generations branch which brings together some of the best parkour coaches from all over the world for a long weekend of practice, learning, friendship and fun!

Master Your Movement


The Rendezvous events entail 3 days of focused, expert workshops run by movement masters from parkour, acrobatics, strength & conditioning, mobility and more. These are intensive, immersive experiences you'll never forget.


Learn from the best


Get exclusive access to some of the world's most gifted and experienced coaches from the international parkour community, all in one place. From our founders through to up and coming teachers from emerging communities worldwide, the Rendezvous brings them all together to share their knowledge with you.


A Global Community


Nothing is more important to us than community, and at the heart of every Rendezvous is the opportunity to make lifelong friends, share experiences and become part of a truly global community.


The only way to make this event better is to add day 4!

RDV Attendee 2018

Every new day was an adventure, yet each session held its own spirit. You could literally feel how your mind, body and soul just connects with the wonderful team, with yourself, nature but also the very essence of Parkour! I will never forget it.

RDV Attendee 2019

It's hard to choose my favourite session of the whole weekend, they were all brilliant. Challenging but nothing I couldn't handle with the support of the brilliant coaches and fantastic community.

RDV Attendee 2017