Rendezvous in America

Rendezvous in America

It’s almost here! American Rendezvous starts on the 24th June – that’s only a couple of weeks away.

Participants and coaches from around the world, including Chris ‘Blane’ Rowat and Shirley Darlington, will be converging on Boston. The local crew have a massive weekend planned, starting with a Friday afternoon meet and greet followed by training through to the evening, then two more full days of training all around the city.

Modules and workshops will be led by some of the world’s most experienced parkour/Art du DĂ©placement instructors, including Yann Hnautra, Yamakasi founder. As well as some of the best spots in Boston, everyone will also get the chance to experience an absolutely massive indoor setup.

American Rendezvous is for all levels of ability and experience. Alongside plenty of parkour training, modules will cover strength training, nutrition, recovery, mental training and the spiritual/philosophical side of parkour. Kids are covered too – entry to the main event is for ages 14 and over, but there will also be a half day of training on Saturday especially for those younger than this.

Keep up to date and discuss plans with other attendees on the RDVA Facebook page, and book your spot (full event, weekend only or single day) via Eventbrite.