Rendezvous Gatherings Hit FIVE Continents!

Rendezvous Gatherings Hit FIVE Continents!

In 2006 we began a little thing called the Rendezvous Parkour Gathering, held in a school hall in north London, bringing together the original and early French practitioners with the developing UK scene for what was an awesome day of training, learning and sharing. It was fun, it was intense, it was seminal. And little did we know, a decade later it would be a major annual event happening on FIVE CONTINENTS!

2017 sees Rendezvous Gatherings happening in:

Rendezvous events are special. They bring the international parkour and movement communities together, often from all over the world, forย 2-3 days of workshops, seminars, training, challenges and fun lead by some of the most experienced coaches and teachers of parkour / freerunning, as well as coaches from related disciplines and activities outside of parkour. Each event is unique and bespoke, with its own certain identity and spirit, and each one is equally intense!

This year we add Rendezvous Australia to the mix in November in Brisbane, with details and booking options soon to be released, and we’re hugely excited about it. It comes on the back of the ADAPT On Tour itinerary of coaching certsย happening in 5 different States (WA, SA, VIC, NSW, QLD), with Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne already open for booking.

It blows our minds to see just how far Rendezvous has come, and it’s testament to the awesome community of practitioners and coaches that make each event so memorable. We love it!

First up this year is American Rendezvous in June in Boston… so get yourself over there and book your spot. Or, y’know, pick any of the other four happening on a continent near you this ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh, and anyone who attends ALL FIVE Rendezvous events this year will get a year’s FREE Membership across all our international branches for 2018..!