Rendezvous Asia Explodes!

Rendezvous Asia Explodes!

The survivors of the first Rendezvous Asia, held last weekend in Seoul, South Korea.

The first annual Rendezvous Asia Parkour Gathering was a huge success, with coaches and practitioners coming from all over the region to take part in two epic days of training in Seoul. Hosted by PKGen Korea, the coaching lineup included PKGen founder Dan Edwardes and UK master coach Chris Keighley, along with PKGen Korea founder Jiho Kim and special guest Yann Hnautra of the Yamakasi.

An amazing weekend and a great start to what will now be the annual Rendezvous Asia, alongside that of the USA, Brasil and of course the original event that happens in London every August.

Thanks to everyone who got Rendezvous Asia off to such a fantastic start and we look forward to seeing you all next year!

A short video capturing some of the energy and small-group training approach of the event is now online and you can watch it below.

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