Rendezvous 2018 Complete!

Rendezvous 2018 Complete!

These past few days have seen the most incredible Rendezvous Parkour Gathering 2018 unfold in London, and we’re still coming down from it…

An incredible group of coaches gathered from every corner of the world, sharing knowledge, experience, training, hardship and laughter with a simply awesome couple of hundred participants who never took a backward step and brought an infectious energy to every aspect of the event. Who could ask for more!

We explored new parts of London, and were proud to have the iconic Wembley Park as our official venue partner for the event, with the grand finale day happening on Wembley Park grounds and the first ever Kids Rendezvous taking place there on the middle day. Seeing the grounds of this fantastic space in London come to life with kids and adults moving all over it, working and learning together, was just fantastic. We wish we could do it every weekend!

There are too many people to thank… but we’d like to thank every single person who helped make it what it was, from the expert coaches who give up their time to travel to the UK and share their knowledge, to the dedicated and diligent participants, to our hosts at Wembley Park and the Chainstore Gym, to the media team who captured every moment and the hard-working Event Team behind the scenes who made it all flow so seamlessly. We even like to thank the Missing Cat. You’re all incredible.

So rest up, keep your eyes open for the mind-blowing photographs and films that will soon be emerging, and prepare yourself for our next unique and powerful event; the London Chainstore Massacre!