Rendezvous 2018 Coach Announcement: Stephane Vigroux

Rendezvous 2018 Coach Announcement: Stephane Vigroux


We’re kicking off an incredible lineup of movement masters and parkour teachers at Rendezvous International Parkour Gathering 2018, happening August 17-19 in London, with one of the original founders of Parkour Generations and early French practitioner, Stephane Vigroux!

Stephane began his training in 1998 with David Belle, undergoing 5 years of daily, intensive training in Lisses and Evry, the birthplace of parkour. In 2006 Stephane moved to the UK to work with Dan Edwardes and Francois Mahop in founding Parkour Generations, before moving abroad to establish Parkour Generations Asia, which is now based in Seoul. Stephane himself now lives and teaches in Dubai, having founded Parkour DXB.

Stephane is one of an incredibly influential group of early practitioners in and around Lisses, France, who originated and disseminated many of the most recognisable movements of parkour. The early documentary, The Monkey’s Back, which focused on Stephane and his journey, was one of the first films to showcase the true philosophy of parkour, having a huge impact on the then-fledgling community worldwide.

Stephane is a world-renowned teacher of parkour and its central philosophies, and will be sharing his knowledge throughout the weekend of the event as well as running a specialist seminar on the Friday.

Rendezvous 2018 is a 3 day training event focusing on the roots of parkour as a true movement practice.

Tickets are now on sale and can be booked here!