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Professional parkour athletes, choreography and production

Featured Work

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Live Shows & Events

Each show is totally unique, devised bespoke from start to finish by our team of experts.

Modelling & Photography

The Parkour Generations Team of elite male and female athletes have appeared in many high-profile fashion and modeling photo-spreads.

Commercials & Viral Videos

Marvel, 20th Century Fox, Sky, ESPN, BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Channel and many others.

Performance Team

The world’s most experienced collective of professional parkour athletes and performers, with over 15 years of experience.

Consulting & Concepts

For any project or production that requires an insight into the practise, philosophy or use of parkour.

Featured Work

Hollywood Movies to Blockbuster Console Games

Our Performance Team has been central to some of the highest profile media projects utilising parkour to date, including Hollywood movies such as Assassin’s Creed, The Amazing Spider-Man, District 13, Babylon A.D., World War Z and many more, along with starring in seminal documentaries and major advertising campaigns for international brands of all descriptions.

Live Shows & Events

Spectacular, Adaptable, Unique.

We love to produce and perform stunning live displays of every scale. A fantastic way to grab the attention of any audience, live events require expert and precise choreography and top-level performers.

Our Professional Performance Team has performed live all over the UK, across Europe, and from America in the West to China in the East, for major events put on by trendsetting companies like Adidas, YouTube, Microsoft and Toyota.

Modelling & Photography

Diverse, Experienced, Original.

Our Team of elite male and female athletes have appeared in countless high-profile fashion and modeling photo-spreads, for magazines such as Elle, GQ, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, Runners World, Hello, Cosmopolitan and many more.

We have an in-house team of incredible photographers and post-production experts to craft the perfect imagery for your needs from scratch.

Commercials & Viral Videos

Seasoned, Efficient, Accomplished

With over a decade of experience of choreographing, performing and producing commercials, idents and music videos for television and internet broadcast, we are ready to bring any script and storyboard to life through explosive and stylish parkour action. We also provide a full range of production services, from script-writing through to post-production.

Consulting & Concepts.

Knowledgeable, Effective, Creative

For any project or production that requires an insight into the practise, philosophy, or use of parkour, our team can act as expert consultants, bringing a wealth of experience and personal knowledge to any venture.

We offer structural design of permanent training facilities and parkour parks, event staging, national and international workshop tours and much more.

From innovative parkour clothing design to physiological research studies and location sourcing, we have worked across an incredibly eclectic and broad range of fields and are always looking to take on new challenges. Throw whatever you can at us.

Performance Team

Diverse, Dedicated, Unforgettable

Each of our athletes is hand-picked for their unique mix of advanced movement skills, physical performance capabilities and experience with the various aspects of show-business.

With backgrounds ranging from professional acting to circus to pantomime to modelling, not only can we provide an athlete to suit every situation, but they come specially equipped to fuse parkour into any new environment.

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