Parkour / Wim Hof London Workshop: Saturday May 19th

Parkour / Wim Hof London Workshop: Saturday May 19th

This May Parkour meets Wim Hof Method in a special collaborative workshop led by our own Dan Edwardes and Wim Hof master trainer, Martin Petrus.

You are capable of so much more than you think… Discover your full potential with Parkour and the Wim Hof Method. This is a one-of-a-kind workshop which combines these two life-changing practices or movement, breathing and resilience.

Date: May 19th

Time: 1-7pm

Venue: Chainstore Gym and Parkour Academy, London

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13:00 – 13:30 – Signup and Introduction

13.30 – 14.50 – Introduction to movement
You will learn:
– Ground-based mobility, strength and support movements
– Mobile balance and accuracy drills
– Jump biomechanics, impact absorption and fascial tensioning

14.50 – 15.45 – Wim Hof Method Breathing
You will learn how to:
– Optimise breathing mechanics and general breathing pattern
– Use breathing to achieve deep meditative states
– Practice meditation and breathing to improve focus

15.45 – 16.00 – Break

16.00 – 16.20 – Breathing theory and cold physiology

16.20 – 17.50 Advanced Movement

You will learn:
– Passing obstacles
– Rolling as a form of movement
– Instinctive adaptation to terrain

17.50 – 18.45 Ice bath
You will learn how to:
– Control stress response
– Use cold as ultimate mental training tool
– Use gradual cold exposure to increase cold tolerance

18.45 – 19.00 Closing discussion

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