Parkour Roots Seminar: London

Parkour Roots Seminar: London

Rounding off our amazing opportunities to get started in parkour and build practical fitness this month of January we have an incredible event for you: the Parkour Roots Seminar!

Parkour Roots: Beginnings, Philosophy & Practice
26/01/2019, 2-6pm
Instructors:ย Dan Edwardes & Arturo Vigil
Cost: ยฃ65ย (Membershipย discounts apply)


Parkour is a philosophy of practical movement that grew out of the early days of development in the suburbs of Paris where the founding practitioners challenged themselves in new and difficult ways to become โ€˜strong to be usefulโ€™, in body, mind and spirit. The aim was not to practise the most complex and intricate movement skills, but to sharpen the body, the will and the spirit by pitting oneself against adversity and challenge.

The Parkour Roots Seminar explores these concepts and philosophies at the heart of parkour, identifying the history and evolution of the discipline and providing an opportunity to experience the training methods, fundamental skills and personal development inherent in the practice.ย 

In this workshop with Dan Edwardes and Arturo Vigil you will discuss, explore and practice the original training modalities of parkour, learning how and why they led to the art we know today and why they are both relevant and powerful still.

The seminar covers:ย 

  • History of Parkour
  • Core Concepts
  • Training Modalities
  • Quadrupedal Movement
  • Passement Skills
  • Jump Mechanics
  • Fear Management
  • And more!


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