Parkour on tour!

Parkour on tour!

Thisย summer, we will be setting upย a mini-Chainstoreย to representย parkour at the World Power Show.

Running overย the 2nd and 3rd July, World Power is a major eventย bringing together fitness enthusiasts from around the world and from more disciplines than you can possibly imagine – we will be showing parkour alongside kickboxing, kung fu, powerlifting, strongman, calisthenics and capoiera, to name just a few.

We will be buildingย a purpose-built parkour zone in the midst of all this madness forย live displays, workshops and to introduce our education programs. We’ll be showcasing the best we have to offer and actively encouraging our audiences to get involved and get moving.

Come and see us at the Excel, and enjoy the shows and classes the weekend has to offer.ย 

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