Parkour is The First Functional Fitness: 24Life Magazine Feature

Parkour is The First Functional Fitness: 24Life Magazine Feature

24Life Magazine recently ran an entire feature on our work in the world of fitness and how we are redefining what is meant by ‘functional fitness’.

The feature revolved around a dramatic fashion shoot in Los Angeles with three members of the PKGen Americas team, and also included an interview with PKGen founder Dan Edwardes on how the natural, practical movement skills at the core of our parkour programmes restore the missing link of movement to people’s training, helping body and mind grow together to create a truly capable individual.  

Edwardes says that the principle underpinning the discipline is that its movements are precisely those the human body has evolved to do ­­— namely, to move over, around and through our environment.’

We have some incredible developments coming up in the USA with the fitness industry which will change the face of movement training forever!

Check out the interview here.

This week sees us running the first ever ADAPT Parkour Coaching Certification course in China – and it’s a big one!

With 48 candidates on the Level 1 course in Beijing, it’s one of the largest courses in history – only topped by two courses in Italy which had over 60 candidates each.

The course is hosted by HS Performance in Beijing, a fantastic fitness and strength & conditioning facility. Three Tutors are running the course: Chris ‘Blane’ Rowat and Andy Pearson from the UK and Federico ‘Gato’ Mazzoleni of Italy.

The course has got off to a great start, with real enthusiasm and focus from all the candidates. It’s fantastic to see such desire to coach parkour right among so many people out in China, and this is only the start of some huge developments to come for ADAPT and parkour in that part of the world. Keep your eyes peeled for more details soon…

You can find a full list of upcoming ADAPT certification courses worldwide right here. Anyone looking to host or arrange a course near them should get in touch with ADAPT directly.