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Parkour in Brasil on the Rise

Published January 12th 2020

Brasil is a special place. Every year the team there put together some truly wonderful achievements despite being spread out across huge distances and in four major cities; Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte.

This year saw the biggest ever ADAPT course in South America, fully booked and with a long waiting list, hosted impeccably by Rodrigo Stavale and the Rio team. The team there also opened a brand new indoor gym in partnership with Kouti CrossFit, creating a homebase for the Rio team in a massive and well equipped facility.

Several new classes were initiated, including the popular START Class in Brasilia, expanding the reach of parkour to new demographics of practitioners who stand to benefit from the positive effects of the training. The country also saw its first ever Leave No Trace Jam, in partnership with PKGen London and Plastic Patrol.

And we were very happy to add a second Director to the branch in Luca Baeta, stepping up to work alongside Thiago Ramalho in leading the operation and guiding strategy. We can’t wait to see what Thiago, Luca and the team bring to life in 2020!

Check out what the team have going on this year by visiting their website HERE!