Parkour Foundations Workshops: London

Parkour Foundations Workshops: London

Our Parkour Foundations Workshops are the perfect place to start your journey into parkour, and run once a month at the London Parkour Academy.

The Foundations Workshops provide a regular โ€˜on-rampโ€™ session for people starting out or for Members who are early stage in their training and want to review basic techniques and principles. These are the ideal way to get started in parkour under the guidance of our expert coaching team at our London Academy, the Chainstore Gym. Perfect for all levels of fitness, experience and background. NO prior knowledge of parkour required.

We run two separate Foundations Workshops: A & B.

The A and B Workshops support each other but either can be attended first, and both will cover the basic concepts of training in parkour and then introduce a variety of practical movement skills and training methodologies.

Duration: 2.5 hours
Price: ยฃ25 / Free to Members
Regularity: Monthly, Saturday afternoons
Venue: Chainstore Gym & Parkour Academy
Age: 14+

12th January: Foundations A
16th February: Foundations B
9th March: Foundations A


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