Barefoot training and parkour fitness in India

Barefoot training and parkour fitness in India

Following on from yesterday’s article about the growth of parkour in India, master coach Dan Edwardes willย be heading outย to Mumbai in March.

As well as teaching some workshops at the Barefoot Training Summit, Dan will be running the first Parkour Fitness Specialist Introductory Course to take place in India.

The one-dayย course aimsย to introduce trainers, fitness professionals and enthusiasts to the core concepts found within the Parkour Fitness education and certification programme, and how those concepts can be applied in a physical training environment and expanded upon to create practical movement-based fitness. ย It is also designed to enable practice of some of the fundamental strength, mobility and fitness training methods used by parkour practitioners.

The day will includeย both practical sessions and discussion. Learners will be expected to take part in all sessions, as physical experience of the exercises is essential to gain a full understanding of the concepts.

It will be highly physical and learners should expect to be pushed physically and mentally throughout. Aย background in strength and fitness and/or some form of movement-based training is recommended. Parkour experience is useful, but not required.ย ย 

By the end of the day participantsย will no longer see the body as a mechanical collection of pulleys, levers and joints, but instead will realise the indivisible, integrated nature of the entire system and understand why it must be trained as such in order for us to reach our potential.

Questions? Interested? Check out both events, and email if you have queries about the fitness course.