Parkour Concepts: Foundations Workshop London 3rd March

Parkour Concepts: Foundations Workshop London 3rd March

Learn the foundation of practical movement at this special Parkour Concepts Workshop with Dan Edwardes on Saturday 3rd March at London’s Chainstore Gym, in conjunction with Movement Research UK.

Concepts outlive systems and principles trump techniques. Our teaching helps you to understand, develop and apply the key principles of adaptability, resilience, psychological integration and practical movement. Parkour Concepts is a holistic method by which to approach training for any situation, goal or outcome desired.

The Parkour Concepts workshops are a distillation of the knowledge, experience and training of 15 years of elite parkour practice. You will be helped to find your true movement potential through our core aspect of task-oriented training and the use of terrain.

During the workshop you will be exposed to some of the essential parkour concepts and movements that build the most all-round capable and adaptive athletes in the world.

Date: SaturdayĀ 3rdĀ March
Time: 2-5pm
Venue: Chainstore Gym, London E14 0JY
Instructor: Dan Edwardes
Pricing: Ā£30

Book here now – limited spaces available.