Parkour Booming In Schools

Parkour Booming In Schools

Having introduced parkour to schools in the UK over ten years ago, we’ve seen this programme of our work go from strength to strength and even spread across the world to take root in countries as far apart as Thailand, Brasil and the USA.Ā 

Now our dedicated Parkour For Schools Programme is absolutely booming, with more and more Primary and Secondary schools looking to introduce the UK’s newest official sport into their physical education curriculum. The programme is active in over 30 schools in one city alone in the USA, that of Boston, Massachusetts, and in November programme founder Dan Edwardes will be presenting the programme to over 300 schools from the Asia Pacific region at the fantastic APPEC Conference in Hong Kong.Ā 

But why is parkour making such strides in the education system and why is it such a good fit? Very simply, parkour is an incredibly effective, popular and low cost way to activate young people from all backgrounds by drawing on their innate desire to explore, experiment, play and move! Parkour doesn’t impose arbitrary movement forms or rules for the purposes of competition or aesthetics or even tradition; it encourages all children to utilise their own distinct movement capacities and preferences to express their physical and mental potential.

With parkour we capture every child’s love of exploring space and discovering just what their body can do, and build good biomechanics and a balanced, healthy approach to movement that then serves as an incredible basis for them to specialise into any sport or activity they might want to as they grow up. We’ve seen it work for over a decade with hundreds of schools and tens of thousands of young people, and we know this is only just the beginning.

Stay tuned for some very exciting developments for Parkour For Schools to be announced soon.. and to find out more, contact the programme team directly on