Online Programming

Online Programming

Personal online access to our coaches, our knowledge and our experience.

Train anytime, anywhere

Access from anywhere

If you are not based near any of our locations but still want to benefit from the experience of our world-class coaching team and regular classes, we also offer a bespoke Online Programme you can access via your phone and implement in any gym, at any time.

This involves access to our specialist programming for Strength & Conditioning, Calisthenics, Handbalancing, Mobility, Natural Movement and Parkour, as well as an extra option of 1-1 online personal training with one of our expert team to analyse all aspects of your mobility, fitness, strength, movement and health to achieve the outcomes you want from your training.

How it Works

The easy part!  Just contact our team who will be happy to discuss your exact goals and training needs, then connect you with the best Coach for you. We will then set you up as an Online Member and invite you to our Programming App, and you can get started that same day!

£50 Per Month


Join our Classes from any gym in the world by accessing our dedicated programming.

You’ll get multiple classes per week across all training modalities, with demos and tutorials for each element of the programming and the chance to record and track your workout results. Perfect for confident practitioners who just need a great programme to follow to reach their goals.

£150 Per Month

Programming + Coach

For those who want more guidance and encouragement along the way, you can get more support from our expert coaches.

Along with the daily programming you’ll get direct feedback on your workouts, analysis of your training videos, suggestions on mobility / nutrition protocols for optimal recovery and access to our Members-only Facebook group.

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Programme Options

Our Programmes also include :

– Parkour 

– Calisthenics

– Handbalancing

– Women’s Weightlifting

– Road to Muscle Ups

– Squatting for Parkour:
Increase your Jump

– Mobility Masterclass

Programming + Coach

We know achieving results requires time and dedication. We take our practice, and your goals, very seriously, so we only work with those who are committed to making a real change and seeing excellent results.

With our Programming + Coach service you’ll have the option to tailor the format and regularity of your programme with one of our expert Coaches, receiving daily feedback, corrections and improvements. We are not interested in short term fixes, cookie-cutter programmes or fad concepts. Training with PKGen is a unique experience in which you will work with real coaches who will take a genuine interest in your progress and development. It’s a journey for us as much as it is for you.

  • Unlimited access to our Class Programming
  • Personal contact with one of our Coaches
  • Feedback and analysis on your workouts
  • Ask questions and get quick answers

Get a jump on your training

Get in touch now to begin your journey and find out more about the endless possibilities. But please only contact us if you are truly serious about reaching your own potential by putting in the work.

If that’s you, then we’ll move heaven and earth to help you get there!

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