Night Mission – The Floor Is Lava

Night Mission – The Floor Is Lava

A parkour session in the sunshine is one thing. An all-night journey over London, seeing the city as you never have before, is something else entirely.

Join a team of explorers, led by an experienced parkour coach, and travel together around East London. Together, you will face all kinds of challenges. This is not a race or a competition. You will all work together to make it through as a team and when it’s over, you will never see the city, or yourself, in the same way again.

The next night mission is Friday 5th June. What you will face is a surprise, but there is one thing we can warn you now – watch out, because the floor is lava! Jump, climb, balance, but whatever you do, don’t fall in!

The night begins at Chainstore, 9pm sharp, and it’s not over until the first tubes are running. Pack light, bring plenty of layers and water, and be prepared to avoid that fire.

Book your place now via Teamup.