Night Mission of Goodwill: Full Film Online

Night Mission of Goodwill: Full Film Online

The Night Mission Challenge is a unique event we run in London every 3 months, the premise being very simple: a whole night of movement, training and challenge ranging across the UK capital running from dusk till dawn. The Night Missions begin at 9pm with your Mission Guide leading you through a series of tasks, explorations and training drills for the next 8-9 hours until ending at dawn back at the Chainstore Gym where you began.

This December we decided to do something a little different and, in the spirit of the season, organised the first ‘Night Mission of Goodwill’, reaching out to London’s homeless in conjunction with Crisis UK.

With all profits going to the homeless, the candidates on this Night Mission would have the extra task of carrying bags full of donated, vital warm clothing – gloves, hats, scarves, socks, etc – to disperse amongst the homeless and the shelters. Led by Coach Jim Howes and Assistant Coach Will Gibson, these bold individuals stepped out on Friday 16th December and didn’t return until early on Saturday 17th, their Mission accomplished.

As with all our Night Mission Challenges the group came up against unexpected obstacles on several occasions, mixed in with the pre-planned ones, and showed incredible adaptability, fortitude and strength of spirit to overcome them all. And of course, there’s always time for some personal development through good training along the way…

This video gives an insight into their journey that night.

An Iron Heart Studios Production.
A film by Charlotte Miles

Many thanks to our Night Mission sponsors at Tasmanian TacticalĀ 

Watch the full film in the player below!

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