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New Outdoor Membership: The Traceur!

Published August 11th 2020

The Traceur Membership

If you love training outdoors, embracing the parkour philosophy completely, and/or find it difficult to access the London Academy, then The Traceur is the Membership for you.

With access to 13 Outdoor Parkour Classes across a month you can spread your training out as you see fit, with most choosing to attend 3 sessions per week to allow for recovery between classes.


Up to 13 Outdoor Parkour Classes per month
10% discount on PKGen annual events and workshops
10% discount on PKGen Clothing and products
Invitations to PKGen Academy Socials

This Membership is only £89 pcm on a monthly basis, or as low as £69 on an annual basis.

For details on this and all the great new Memberships, including Online Training Memberships, see