NEW VIDEO: Parkour After Dark

NEW VIDEO: Parkour After Dark

Parkour After Dark is a collaborative documentary about Parkour featuring Parkour Generations for the Risking Gravity Campaign.

The Risking Gravity Campaign is a video series about athletes in 4 cities throughout Europe who push the limits of what others consider to be possible. The campaign tells the athletes’ stories, why they choose to engage with risk, what excites them about their discipline, and how it’s helped them with the rest of their lives.

We want this campaign to inspire young people to get up and go after what they admire. We want to show that these athletes aren’t daredevils, they’re just regular people who choose not to limit themselves to the standards set by others.

This film also shows our London Chainstore Gym as you’ve never seen it before, with incredible body art and UV paint art created by Liz Bilett, Juliet Eve and Sarah Ashleigh.

Directed by Bogdan Zlatkov

Edited by Lissette Cruess

Performance Athletes: Kevin Francomme, Alex Pownall, Flynn Disney, Sergey Garibian, Naomi Honey, Georgia Munroe, Chris Zarkadoulos

Special thanks to Risking Gravity and Panalux.


Parkour After Dark