New Research Proves Benefits of Risky Play for Children

New Research Proves Benefits of Risky Play for Children

New research from the University of British Columbia and the Child & Family Research Institute at BC Childrenโ€™s Hospital shows that risky outdoor play is not only good for childrenโ€™s health but also encourages creativity, social skills and resilience.

The findings, published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, found that children who participated in physical activity such as climbing and jumping, rough and tumble play and exploring alone, displayed greater physical and social health.Mariana Brussoni

ย โ€œWe found that play environments where children could take risks promoted increased play time, social interactions, creativity and resilience,โ€ said Mariana Brussoni, lead author of the study, and assistant professor in UBCโ€™s School of Population and Public Health and Department of Pediatrics. โ€œThese positive results reflect the importance of supporting childrenโ€™s risky outdoor play opportunities as a means of promoting childrenโ€™s health and active lifestyles.โ€

Learning to manage risk in a healthy, positive way is at the core of what we teach at Parkour Generations, and has formed the core principle of all our Youth and Schools work over the last decade. We’re delighted to see more studies demonstrating this truth and we hope this will lead to more young people being exposed to these incredibly healthy and powerful concepts.

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