New Memberships!

New Memberships!

We’re excited to announce a new, streamlined set of Memberships on offer for all our customers!

Here at PKG, we know that our number 1 service is always going to be our coaching – with the world’s largest and most experienced coaching collective under our roof, the knowledge and expertise of our team can’t be beat! We therefore know that the best way we can spread the good word of parkour, and best serve our customers and students, is to get as many people as possible quality face time with our team, either through our regular classes, or through 1-1 personal training.

With that in mind, we’ve streamlined our membership packages to make it even easier to connect with our coaches. We have launched a new Launch Pack option, that will get anyone a full week of unlimited classes as well as a 1-1 personal training session with one of our elite coaches. This is the ideal way for anyone to get started in parkour, or reach the next level if you’re already an experienced traceur, with an expert eye cast over your training and goals.

Beyond the Launch Pack, our new Training membership is our best value membership ever offered, with unlimited classes, unlimited Chainstore Gym access, and 10% off all our UK training events. Then, take the next step with Training Plus, and get all of the above plus two 1-1 personal training sessions a month, every month, and a training plan custom designed for you to follow between sessions. No matter what fitness or parkour training goals you have, our team will go above and beyond to get you there.

We’re very excited by our new membership options. Any existing members will continue on the membership they have unless cancelled, and can upgrade at any time – if you’d like to upgrade, or have any other questions about our memberships, please email us on


To check out our new Memberships, please click here: