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Parkour Generations

London Gets a New Head Coach

We are incredibly excited to announce that our London branch and headquarters has a new Head Coach, Christopher Keighley!
While not a new face at PKGen – as he’s been teaching with us almost since our inception – Chris has never before taken the pivotal Head Coach position, so we are thrilled to finally see it happen.
Chris is one of the most experienced parkour coaches in the world, and was the first person to coach alongside the PKGen founders when the first classes began some 15 years ago. ⁠
Since then Chris has travelled all over the world with Parkour Generations, leading major international events, workshops, seminars and presenting at a multitude of conferences, symposia and summits. He is also one of the Senior Tutors for the global ADAPT Qualifications for parkour coaches, as well as a Master Instructor for the Parkour For Schools Programme. ⁠
Chris currently also sits on the boards of Parkour UK and Parkour Earth, bringing his vast experience to those organisations. ⁠
A fantastic athlete in his own right, Chris is well known for his own punishing training regimes that can happen at any time of day or night as he experiments on himself to identify what will work best for others. ⁠
We’d also like to extend heartfelt thanks to outgoing Head Coach Alex Pownall, who has now moved to live in Australia, for his incredible job in the position and for many years before that as a PKGen Coach. Thank you Alex! 👊
We would like to congratulate Chris on the new role, and you will be able to find him leading classes indoors and outdoors this summer as well as teaching courses and workshops both in the UK and internationally. ⁠
Welcome, Chris!⁠