National Fitness Day at Chainstore Parkour Academy

National Fitness Day at Chainstore Parkour Academy

This year’s National Fitness Day is on Wednesday 27th September and promises to continue to encourage the nation to celebrate the fun of fitness and physical activity across the UK – and parkour is right at the heart of it, of course!

As part of National Fitness Day we will be opening the London Chainstore Parkour Academy to the public for the entire day FOR FREE!  From 10.30am-6.30pm on Wednesday everyone is welcome to come down and train to their heart’s content, get active, play and explore the UK’s premier movement training facility. 

We’ll also be supporting the day’s social media campaign – #Fitness2Me #PKGen #Parkour

We’d love for you all to tag your training photos, videos and posts for the day and help support this worthy cause! We hope that by encouraging people from all walks of life, activity levels, and interests to share what fitness means to them, it will inspire others to live healthier and happier lives through being active.

So if it is getting fit, getting happy, playing with grandkids, or connecting with pets, whatever it means to you we want to hear about it!

  • Simply grab a piece of paper and scribble down what Fitness Means 2 You
  • Then take a photo or capture a video to share with us on social media
  • Don’t forget to add #Fitness2Me, #FitnessDay, #PKGen, #Parkour and tag us via @FitnessDayUK and @PKGenerations

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