Natgat 2016

Natgat 2016

“If you blink you will miss them, but those involved in the fast-paced training discipline known as parkour have converged on Adelaide this weekend for a national gathering.

Since finding its way to Australia, parkour has quickly grown in popularity, with thousands now involved across the nation.

Dozens of enthusiasts have travelled from interstate and New Zealand to Adelaide to refine their skills and attend a series of workshops with the Australian Parkour Association (APA).

APA Adelaide representative Travis Ranson said it was similar to martial arts and involved focus and discipline.

“Over the last few years it’s really started to shift. People are understanding the purpose behind it,” he said.”

Back in October last year, Blane and Shirley travelled to Australia for Natgat in Perth. Check out this article to read more about Natgat in Adelaide this January, and the people who travel to attend these events.Ā