Movement Fitness Specialist Course – July

Movement Fitness Specialist Course – July

The next Movement Fitness Specialist course to run in London is starting next weekend.

Taking place on two consecutive weekends in July – the 18th and 19th followed by the 25th and 26th – and aimed primarily at professional trainers, the four-day course brings the holistic training approach used by parkour practitioners into the world of fitness and presents a new yet very old way of understanding how the human body is best developed, refined and improved for adaptive movement across any terrain.

The UK level 2 qualification is an entry level qualification and introduces participants to the core concepts of functional movement, applicable strength and task-oriented training. You will learn the core functional drills and training protocols that support them, how to integrate these drills into your training paradigm and how to begin programming for clients.

The certification also covers advanced progressions of the Core Functional Exercises, focusing on redefining what we mean by โ€˜agilityโ€™, healthy linear and non-linear mobility patterns, spatial awareness exercises and the importance of adaptability and avoiding routine. The course also has a strong emphasis on the importance of integrating mind and body for healthy movement and how to achieve this in group and solo training sessions.

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Can’t make the July course? We will be running another in September. See you there!