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Unlimited Open Gym Access

Classesย Membership


Unlimited Open Gym

Unlimited London Classes

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Unlimited Open Gym

Unlimited Classes

2 Private Sessions Per Month

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Unlimited London Youth Classes

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Unlimitedย Classes

Unlimited access to any of our parkour classes across London.

Explore and drop-in to any of the 30+ award-winning London classes we have running every week. Most training sessions are open to all abilities, especially beginners, but you can find that we have something for everyone.


Personal Training

A tailored session with one of our elite coaches, to assess, guide and develop you on your parkour journey.

If you’re starting out, we use these sessions as a way to help us assess your ability levels and give you a reference for safe parkour practise, the training path ahead, and the classes best suited to you. Already an experienced practitioner, looking to develop your parkour, fitness, or strength goals? Our experienced and highly qualified coaches will give you everything you need to achieve them.


Chainstore Gym Access

The best indoor managed parkour facility in the world.

Highly customisable and modular, the Chainstore Gym is not limited to permanent structures. Changing every few months, we recreate outdoor environments using materials you would only find in the real world. Oh, and did we mention that it’s a Gym and Olympic-lifting facility too?


10-20% off Events

A nice little discount on any of our annual events.

Rendezvous International Gathering, Morzine Parkour Camp, London Chainstore Massacre, Winterval, Kids Parkour Day… There are plenty of opportunities to experience the unique way Parkour Generations puts on an event. Come along, meet the rest of the community, and enjoy a day, weekend or week ofย truly practical, functional movement practice.


10-20% offย Store

Youth, Women’s and Men’s clothing available in thousands of colour, size and print combinations.

Classic Parkour Generations branded logo prints, youth sized garments, women’s pro-range rolled-sleeve T-shirts to summer vests and winter season street hoodies. We have what you need for your training any time of the year.


Training Plan

A personalisedย training planย programmed by your coach for you to follow between sessions and classes.

A training plan is a simple and effective way for you to train towards your own personal goals through measured progress and structured planning.


Master Coaches

Leading the way in parkour/freerunning coaching since 2005.

From the first Parkour classes in the world, creation of the internationally accepted and government recognised coach qualifications (ADAPT) to the development of the UK National Governing Body, ParkourUK. Parkour Generations coaches do not follow, they lead the way.


No joining fee

No hidden fees or tricky pricing.
Simple and effective, just like parkour.

At Parkour Generations we believe that the quality, knowledge, and experience of our classes and coaching team will keep you coming back and that we do not need a joining fee to guilt you into coming along.



We are interested in one thing – your progress

We’re committed to helping you achieve your goals and get as much out of your movement practice as possible.ย If you have any special requirements or need assistance, advice or support, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss anything at all.

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