Manchester United Learns From Parkour

Manchester United Learns From Parkour

Manchester United Football Club is just one of the elite sports teams currently using parkour to make their players become better athletes. And it’s working.

Our philosophy of movement is simple: before mastering specific movement skill-sets you need to master general movement capabilities. Doing it the other way around or skipping the general movement capacity invites injury, leads to plateaus and limits potential.Ā 

Nicky Butt, head of coaching at United’s youth academy, ‘believes players today are picking up more and more injuries because their bio-mechanics are lacking compared to those of, say, 20 years ago.’

Those fundamental biomechanics are what we teach day in, day out, with parkour and to people from all walks of life. The results are self-evident when you look at the movement capacity of the average parkour practitioner. We’ve brought parkour to a number of elite sports teams and athletes in the UK and internationally, and every time we’ve seen powerful positive results and an embracing of these principles by these excellent practitioners.Ā 

Check out the full article in The Telegraph here.Ā 

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