Limitless Pursuits – Quick-Fire Questions

Limitless Pursuits – Quick-Fire Questions

Ever wanted to see someone shoot rapid-fire questions at Dan the way he shoots parkour challengesย at the rest of us?

Well now’s your chance. Check out this Limitless Pursuits feature, in which he answers everything from what he initially expected from parkourย to what makes him angry.

And if you fancy facing some of those challenges, come along to Parkour Roots on Tuesday evenings.ย 

Parkour was born and bred primarily on city streets and Dan keeps theย Parkour Roots class true to that tradition. This isย for those wishing to experience parkour in its intended environment, be pushed to challenge themselves, and truly experience the roots of parkour.

February’s location is Oval. Book in on Teamup, and show up secure in the knowledge of Dan’s deepest fears, biggest regrets and favourite actor.