Is Parkour for Me?

Is Parkour for Me?

I have been travelling a lot, meeting different people from different cultures while teaching parkour during events, workshop, seminars, private tuition etc… and regularly I face the same questions from people who get curious about parkour:

‘Is parkour for me?’, ‘Am I going to get hurt?’, ‘Am I too old for this?’

Those questions tell a lot about the misunderstanding of what parkour really is and how anyone can benefit from it.

What is parkour really? While I will take some time to answer that question in a separate post, right now I will try and give an answer to people who wonder if parkour is for them.

Perhaps you can start asking yourself some of the questions below:

Do I really want to be fit?

Do I want to have fun and play while I work out?
Do I want to know more about myself, what am I capable of and build confidence?
Do I want to get out of my comfort zone and be challenged?
Do I want to overcome my fears?
Do I want to lose weight and feel better in my body?
Do I want to build a functional and strong body?
Do I want to test and push my limits, build a strong mind and will?

Or I could simply put it short in ONE simple question: Do I want to improve myself? Whether it is physically or mentally, do I want to feel better? If you answer yes to any of those questions then you will benefit from parkour methods of training, that is a given.

There is no such such thing as being too old to move. Breathing is moving and if you stop breathing you die. Same goes with the overall field of movement, your body and mind need movement stimulation. I have seen scared and uncoordinated people getting into parkour and fairly quickly starting to move with confidence and grace across terrain. “Old” people started parkour at the age of 60 or more and they found joy in moving differently and also enjoyed the health benefits of such movements.

I taught young kids from 2-3 years old, for ECA programs in schools, adults, men and women, elders and I can say with confidence anyone can do parkour if one wants to. My good friend and teacher Williams Belle told me once: “Anyone can do parkour* but it is not for everyone” (*or Art du Deplacement as he calls it).

Why? Because parkour is a mentality; a principle that you can apply to anyone who has a certain mindset.

Parkour is a transformative practice and all you need is to be ready for a change: YOUR growth.

Live Free and Move

Stephane Vigroux

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