High Vaultage!

High Vaultage!

Records for Recognition

Ready to set some records? Then join us for High Vaultage! Come down to Londonโ€™s Chainstore Gym as we celebrate the incredible achievement of parkour being officially recognised as a sport in the UK!

ย In January 2017 parkour was officially recognised as a sport in the UK, giving it the same status as football, judo, rugby and every other other recognised sport in the country โ€“ and to celebrate this momentous and historic achievement we are holding a special community even at our London Parkour Academy on Sunday March 19th : High Vaultage!

To mark the occasion we thought weโ€™d set a couple of WORLD RECORDSโ€ฆ which we hope youโ€™ll be part of! The records weโ€™re going for are:

1. 100 people making 10,000 vaults in just one hour.

2. 100 people balancing on rails at height.

Followed by an evening of training, good music and fun for all at the Academy

We would love for everyone to be apart of this momentous occasion! If you would like to participate please sign up now as spaces are filling up fast:ย https://parkourgenerations.com/?pkgevents=high-vaultage

We are also looking for people to volunteer to keep track of how many vaults are taking place on the day. If you are interested and would like to be part of this record breaking attempt, please send us an email at coaching@parkourgenerations.com we would appreciate the help and love the support!