Our Hertfordshire Branch runs regular classes for young people and adults of all levels of fitness, experience and ability. You can book a class or choose from our fantastic Membership options right here.

Why Should I Train Parkour?

Parkour is not an easy path. It will challenge you and test you in ways you likely have never experienced. In doing so it will also reveal things about yourself you likely never knew. 

Parkour is physical and mental development to attain a form of self-mastery. This is achieved through learning to understand your own movement and by applying it to obstacles, challenges and tasks in a variety of environments.

The benefits you will experience include:

– increased physical fitness, strength, agility and coordination
– improved mobility, posture and balance
– useful, functional movement skills
– integration of body, mind and spirit
– increased mental resilience and problem-solving abilities
– overcoming fear and self-imposed limitations
– improved self-knowledge and self-confidence
– a powerful and supportive community of peers
– enjoyment!

These benefits result from regular training and pushing your limits in a healthy, challenging way. Make no mistake, our coaches will give you their best and in return  they will expect the best from you. In doing so you will discover that you are capable of far more than you ever imagined.

For details on any of our parkour services in Hertfordshire email pkgherts@parkourgenerations.com.