Get the Parkour App!

Get the Parkour App!

Get the Parkour App now!

The Parkour Generations App enables you to reserve and book places on any PKGen London class, event or personal training session with just the click of a button. In fact, it’s so easy to use we suspect you might not even come back to this website once you’ve started using it… which, even though it’s kinda the point, is still scary for us..!

The App also allows you to get news updates direct to your phone, and you can even purchase and reserve PKGen training gear to collect next time you’re at the London Parkour Academy. Pretty cool, huh? Just hit the App Store on IOS or Android and search for ‘Parkour Generations.’ Install, have a play, and give us that juicy 5-star rating you know you want to give…

And we look forward to seeing you in training soon!