How to Get Your Body and Mind Into a Ready State

How to Get Your Body and Mind Into a Ready State

“Could you stop what you’re doing right now to help move a piano or hike the Grand Canyon without hurting yourself? Could you out-swim a rampaging hippopotamus? You may think you’re fit, but are you in a ready state? Being in a ready state means you have the global fitness to do any activity at any time.”

This is a good question. And if your answer is “probably not,” then why not, and what can you do about it? 

Joe De Sena, founder of Spartan Race, has some answers – and parkour is one of them. Dan may have given him a few hints: 

“There are no obstacles in Dan’s life. When we met, we walked to where he was staying and I stopped dead when I saw a four-foot high concrete wall. I wanted to go around, but Dan just chuckled and showed me how easy it was to just slip over the wall. Talk about a ready state.”

Check out the full article for more on escaping wild hippos and the bigger threat that we face from our often-sedentary lifestyles.