Farewell to London’s Moberly Sports Centre

Farewell to London’s Moberly Sports Centre

Moberly Sports Centre is tucked away in north-west London, in Kensal Rise, and was the home of Westminster Sports Unit for many years. In 2005 Parkour Generations began its Academy Classes in London at the centre with the support of the Sports Unit in partnership between Westminster’s Eugene Minogue and PKGen founders Dan Edwardes and Francois Mahop.

Moberly saw over ten years of unbroken Parkour Generations classes, week in, week out, without fail: adult, youth and Family Classes as well as events, jams, shoots and all manner of madness. Many of the elite professional coaches who now deliver courses, workshops and certs all over the world with PKGen began their parkour training at our Academy Classes here, and it’s been a bulwark of the London parkour community for more than a decade. Many of those guys and girls went on to coach the classes here, particularly now Senior Coaches Andy Pearson and Christopher Keighley.

Moberly was also the defacto home of the ADAPT Parkour Coaching Certifications, with countless courses having been run there over the past 6-7 years including both the pilot ADAPT Level 1 and 2 courses. ADAPT has since of course gone on to become the global standard for parkour coaching, delivered in over 30 countries with thousands of parkour coaches qualified through the programme. But it all started in a little place called Moberly…

We’re quite emotional at running the last ever parkour class there this very day, our groundbreaking Family Parkour Class coached by Leon ‘Rock’ Lawrence. The Centre is closing this month for a huge rebuild of the entire quadrant, whcih will take at least 2 years.

However, our way isn’t to linger long on the past – the Family Class will be relocating to a nearby sports centre to keep it local, and our Parkour Classes just down the Harrow Road at Westminster Academy Sports Centre on Tuesdays and Fridays are ready to pick up the slack. London’s ADAPT courses are moving to the Chainstore Gym and Parkour Academy and the LEAP Parkour Park. One door closes and many more open…

Check out our farewell gallery to over ten years of parkour history at Moberly Sports Centre, and tag yourself if you were ever there or want to share your story and memories of the famous venue.

Moberly, we salute you!