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Kick start your year of parkour training with – Winterval Training Day every January.

Winterval is a full day of parkour and natural movement training open to all levels and abilities. If you’ve never experienced holistic and adaptive movement training of this kind, then this is the perfect place to start. Our coaches will be guiding everyone from total beginners, through to experienced and professional level athletes in 8 hours of challenges, movement drills, skills acquisition and all out physical conditioning.

Bracing whatever winter elements get thrown our way, you’ll enjoy a day of activity, with a fun community of practitioners, which will set the tone for a year of healthy movement ahead.

Premium, Weekend and Single day tickets available

Access to coaches from the international parkour community, all in one place.

Meet and train with a huge array of traceurs from around the world

Learn to challenge yourself in a unique and exciting weekend of activity and play!

Exclusive giveaways from our official training-wear sponsor - Skochypstiks

Evening social gatherings to meet, mingle and make friends.

We believe the human being is built to move, train and explore outdoors. We know this is incredibly good for our health, physical and mental, and exposes us to the real world to our actual environment, and demands that we develop context-based functional skills and attributes. In short, we believe you should train outdoors as often as you can, and embrace ALL the elements that you may encounter.


To find out more information on this year’s Winterval Training Day, just click on the button below.